Bloom Fringe @ the 5kextension

Bloom Fringe – which is a spin-off of the hugely successful garden festival Bloom –  came together with the 5k extension project for a day of collaboration, creativity, sowing seeds, inspiration and connectivity. The sun shone on us too…

Decorations IIISDecorations IIS Gardennearly nearly therefinishedDecorations1S Decorations IVS Krystoff's family Model long viewMore modelModel with clipwashing line of ideas 353IMG_0420Krystoff relaxingIMG_0444Inside the shedS IMG_0440 IMG_0436 IMG_0409359


IMG_0454 Thank you Joanne Betty Conlon from Pixelated and Ned Costello for the photos. Thanks to Karin Stierle for the recycled flower garden and for sharing her passion and vast knowledge on beekeeping, Thank you to my excellent neighbours who opened their gardens and in doing that, opening  a window into their souls.

Thanks to everyone who attended and shared their thoughts and ideas..



2 thoughts on “Bloom Fringe @ the 5kextension

  1. Andy Burdon

    Hi Natasha

    thanks for a great day out ! – fantastic flowers and ideas altogether
    I have been doing some research on the 5 k extension , but am having dififculty with the wordpress technology to contribute to the blog !!
    Did you come across the $ 5000 house –
    check out this link
    have a few ideas for the house, but just want to clarify – is it to be constructed only of found materials, or is the idea that this system could be applied elsewhere using “off the shelf” components

    1. natasha5kextension Post author

      Thank you Andy for your interest and time, wonderful to have someone so knowledgeable and experienced on the case!
      In reply to your question- my ultimate dream, in the spirit of the collaborative nature of this project, would be to design or make a prototype that could be applied or adapted elsewhere as a low-cost, low impact, widely available, beneficial housing alternative.
      Whether this uses a variety of locally sourced “found” materials or “off the shelf” components or alternative materials is up for discussion. We may have to remain within the confines of certain regulations and budgetary constraints, – but I certainly hope there will be no constraints on imagination and inspiration.
      I look forward to hearing your thoughts and contributions. You may use this platform, or a guest author on the blog, or email the site directly to write about your own experiences, share your ideas , introduce different material possibilities? designs?.
      Thank you for the fascinating link- would it withstand the unforgiving Irish Weather?


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