Pavilion for an artist by DHL Architects

This artists studio made from polycarbonate panels and inexpensive wood, really impressed me. Very exciting use of materials.

pavillion for an artist pavillion for an artist pavillion for an artist

pavillion for an artist pavillion interior

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Serpentine Pavilion by Alvaro Siza

A cafe by day and a venue for talks and events at night, it is little more than a grid made from short planks of timber, folded down at the edges to form the walls. Panes of polycarbonate fill in the squares of the grid until it meets the ground on extended “legs” put together with mortise and tenon joints secured with heavy bolts. Solar panels in the center of each roof panel soak up power are used to illuminate the pavilion at dusk.

Serpentine Pavillion Serpentine Pavillion Serpentine Pavillion

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The Plastic House by Architecture Republic

Here a small Dublin house is excavated and a space is created. Inserted into the space is a lightweight, cruciform shaped structure, constructed using polycarbonate and steel.

Plastic house Plastic house Plastic house Plastic house

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Studio Renovation by MAIO

The MAIO team designed this studio for themselves and the other two members, but it also functions as an open studio for designers and architects in need of a workplace.

studio renovationMIAO studio renovationMIAO studio renovationMIAO

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Palmyra House by Studio Mumbai

Palmyra House is designed and built by Indian born architect Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai entirely from the locally sourced and sustainably harvested palmyra palm. Beautiful use of renewable materials

Palmyra house Palmyra house

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Memu Meadows by Kengo Kuma

 Kengo Kuma +5kextension+5000€ extension+polycarbonate PlasticThe architecture of this experimental cabin in Japan was influenced by the traditional “Chise” style of the Ainu people, whose homes typically were built out of bamboo grass in order to insulate the heat from a central fireplace during cold winter months.

Kuma’s house replicates this model, upgrading the insulation system with an efficient, light wall system—recycled plastic bottles sandwiched in between two thin membranes—that locks in heat and refracts light from the central fire.

 Kengo Kuma +5kextension+5000€ extension+polycarbonate Plastic Meme-Meadows-Experimental-House-by-Kengo-Kuma-and-Associates_16  Kengo Kuma +5kextension+5000€ extension+polycarbonate PlasticMeme-Meadows-Experimental-House-by-Kengo-Kuma-and-Associates_7  Kengo Kuma +5kextension+5000€ extension+polycarbonate Plastic See more here


€25000 Self Build by Dominic Stevens


25000€ house, Low cost,Architect Dominic Stevens self- build house in County Leitrim has served as a massive inspiration to me.

His house built in the vernacular tradition, with its compact design and very economical construction spurred me onto the belief that my project may be viable, even taking in the high costs of building in Ireland.


stairs, 25000€ house, 5k extension low cost house, interior, 5kextension exterior,dominic stevens, 5kextension exterior,25000€ house, €5000 extension
See more here



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